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With a master’s degree in sculpture from the University of Washington, I started my career in the fine arts world teaching courses and creating works for galleries. My love of working with my hands, collaboration, and curiosity about how things are made lead me to full time interior design and art direction. Ten years of experience as a designer, has honed my creative and organizational skills. My experience creating unique works of art for commercial spaces has included many mediums and partnerships with skilled trades people to execute polished and professional work aligning with the client's brand story.


As a mechanical engineer, I employed my technical and problem-solving skills to create custom machinery for small businesses and farmers striving to optimize their efforts. Through this work, I discovered my passion for working with enthusiastic and creative people to deliver one-of-a-kind projects and followed this passion into the construction industry. Working for a large general contractor, I have proudly served a role in successfully delivering unique, world-class projects, including large scale art installations. My experience includes practical construction, engineering, estimating and subcontract management. I love the creative process and my success comes from helping

to bring your vision to life.

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